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Word and letter count tool
Use this word and letter count tool to calculate how many words and/or letters there are in a specific text or sentence.

In certain situations, for example when you are about to fill in a form and you can not enter too many letters/words it is good to know how many words and/or letters you have written in your text so far. Use this word and letter count tool to find out how many words and letters there are in your text.

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Word and letter count tool

How does the word and letter count tool work?
It is easy. You just copy the text from the media where you got the text (for example word document, web page etc.) and paste the text in the text box above.

After that, you just click on the button labled "Count Words and Letters". The number of words and letters are shown in a small pop up message.

If the word and letter count tool show the wrong number of letters make sure the text box is completely empty before you hit the Count Words and Letters button. Do this by placing the cursor in the upper left corner of the textbox and hit the delete button on your keyboard a couple of times.

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