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Which phrases are used in search engines to find your targeted keywords?
Click the link below and fill in a key word or phrase (one per line) and press "Search" to get suggestions for the key phrase and/or key word. You also need to fill in the captcha words.

If you have (or create a Google AdWords login) you can log in to see the full set of ideas for the search.

Google Keyword Tool.

If you want to try another tool, we suggest Wordtracker, see more below.

Why is it important to know which key phrases search engine vistors are using?
The basis of all search engine rankings is keywords. Search engine users enter key phrases to get the information they need. To know which key phrases the search engine vistors are using is essential for you as a webmaster or webeditor. Of course you should optimize your web pages for these key phrases.

The best keywords are those words and phrases commonly typed in by your potential customers, but which aren't used much on your competitors websites.

In other words, if you optimize your pages for keywords your potential customers use a lot, but your competitors haven't thought of, you win.

Wordtracker periodically compiles a database of many 100 millions of search terms which is updated often.

Essential for all Keyword Suggestion Tools are that they can be localized, that is that you can limit the search for a specific country/language. Most Keyword Suggestion Tools you will find only works for USA search terms and that is of course of limited use for a web master in Finland with only Finnish content.

Try Wordtracker
Wordtracker is one ef the most popular Keyword Suggestions Tools available. In fact, many SEO tools are integrated with Wordtracker.

Many companies and organizations use Wordtracker to find the search terms that are unique and give the best traffic to your web site.

Through lorem.biz you are able to try Wordtracker for free.

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