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What does Keyword Density mean?
Keyword Density is the percentage of occurrence of your keywords to the text in the rest of your web page. It is important for your main keywords to have the correct keyword density to rank well in Search Engines. This is one of the more important factors in the search engine algorithms.

The recommended keyword density is from 3% to 7%, anything above this, say 10% density starts to look very much like keyword stuffing and it is likely that will not get unnoticed by search engines.

The tool above will crawl the given URL, extract text as a search engine would, remove common stop words and Analyze the density of the keywords.

What is Keyword Stuffing?
Keyword stuffing is when you use to many keywords on a web page.

Sometimes SEO experts go too far in their desire to push their clients' sites to top positions and resort to questionable practices, like keyword stuffing.

A text with 10% or more keyword density can hardly make sense, if read by a human. A while ago Google implemented the so called "Florida Update" and essentially imposed a penalty for pages that are keyword-stuffed and over-optimized in general.

Keyword stuffing is considered an unethical practice because what you actually do is use the keyword in question throughout the text suspiciously often.

If you have a high density percentage (>7%) for a frequently used keyword, then consider replacing some of the occurrences of the keyword with synonyms.

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